Zahava Schwartz, WFCP Specialist Clear Eye Imp., Paramus, NJ

Agrand room with six pairs of french doors and a great gar-den view presented an ele-gant ambience as well as an enor-mous challenge for Zahava Schwartz, WFCP Specialist. Her goal was to attain functional curtains for evening privacy and energy efficien-cy in the drafty room, while working around the ornate molding, and placing hardware in “just the right” locations.

“The adventure started when my customer wanted to introduce green,” says Schwartz. With the selection of the perfect green that coordinated with the trims, mold-ings, and green in the carpet, Schwartz began making the draperies. The lining had to be hand sewn to the edge of the center, preventing the silk from getting the sun’s rays, and also avoided pulls and puckering of the thick fabric; however, the D’Kei trim was applied first. Schwartz had the Paris Texas Hardware rod, decorative fmials, and rings installed so the functionality of the doors was not impeded.

The morning following a successful installation, the client called. “There were two shades of greens in the draperies. Only in the evening was the difference noticed,” says Schwartz. “My heart stopped for a second. Customer satisfaction is my first priority.” After attempting to match the greens, they decided to switch to a very light gold/bone color fabric. “I took apart the old draperies and remade them,” says Schwartz. As a result, the wall and molding color, and sofa colors were also changed and the final transformation was a complete success. Beth Hodges compliments the “nice use of fabric,” in the “beautiful overall room.” “This addressed everything well,” says Dian Garbarini.


Design and workroom: Zahava Schwartz, WFCP Specialist, Clear Eye Imp., Paramus, NJ; installation: Fox Installation Inc., Pomona, NJ; photography: Nogga Schwartz.


Fabrics: Kasmir; trim: D’Kei gimp and cord; hardware: Paris Texas Hardware; lining: Angel’s Distributing Inc. in Delux Royale Sateen.

May 2006