2007 WF Ingenuity Workroom Competition
Curtains and Draperies - First Place

Zahava Schwartz, WFCP Master Clear Eye Imp., Paramus, NJ

In this Victorian home, Zahava Schwartz encountered several difficulties: first, the floor was not level; second, there were exposed pipes by the window; third, there were old radiators too close to the windows; and finally, treatments needed to cover a large bay window. Knowing that her client wanted to bring out the red in the chosen fabric, she designed panels and a Kingston valance with a fringe tassel which showcased the color more prominently. The design needed to suit the bay window and two smaller windows, so the valance sec-tions needed to be consistent. Swags and bells adorned all the windows, using red as the center color of each swag and bell. She created pockets for the rods on the panels and made the draperies longer to disguise the unevenness of the floor. Though the sheer was only 54″ wide, she wanted to avoid bulkiness and sewed it with a french seam in the cen-ter, only folding the outside edges. To keep the proportions balanced among all the windows, she didn’t extend the treat-ment much beyond the window frame. “I managed to over-come all the challenges, and the end result is very pleasing,” says Schwartz.


Designer, workroom, and photography: Zahava Schwartz. Clear Eye Imp. Designer/assistant designers: Gina Tzavelis and Zila Feldman. Arcardia Interiors LLC, Demarest, NJ. Installation: Davis Fox. Fox Installation, Pomona. NY.